pulp official full sleeve embellished men hooded sweatshirt grey


  • Fabric : 100% Cotton
  • Occasion : Casual
  • Fitting : Regular
  • County of Origin : India

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Price inclusive of 5% GST.


This NASA sweatshirt by Pulp is a revolution. Actually, it is Rocket Science. Launched under the "Circular 'EL Collection", this special piece of clothing aims at completing its full life cycle with ZERO carbon footprint. FARM-to-WARDROBE and back. This product will go through the full circular economy cycle. Just like you should too. This product comes under "The-Pulp-'EL-Promise". Instant INR 100 back when you create your final return request. Even after 5 years to Pulp official. Wear it sustainably, because when you're done with it, we'll make sure it gets a second life. Lets save our Environment in Style.

Perfectly Stitched- When it comes to tailoring, you want to make sure that every inch is perfect. So we go the extra mile to give you that pleasure.

Softer, Lighter & Extra Stretch-The luxurious fabric you’ve been waiting for. So Lightweight & Breathable with Extra Stretch ability. 🌞




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